We’ve got all the ingredients to make life easier! Scents of the season. Reed diffusers can embellish any space like a piece of art with the extra benefit of continuously dispersing your favourite scent into the air. Use our essential oils with a diffuser to fill your space with scents blended to promote feelings of calm and contentment. Scent diffuses through the decorative bird to infuse any small space - bedroom, office, bathroom - with your favourite fragrance or essential oil. fill with your chosen scent, place the bird on the base and enjoy. Ideal for storing coats, scarves, towels, bags, suits or use it to hang wet clothing to air dry while keeping them wrinkle free. Light the way wherever you need it - the kitchen, bedroom, hallway or even stairs. Ideal for home or travel, heat-resistant mat protects surfaces from damage by hot styling tools. Wave texture keeps styling tools from sliding and rolling. Use as a pouch to store stylers after use. Add vertical storage while keeping, jewellery, keys, makeup or even small office supplies organized and accessible. Maximize your space by creating an extra shelf using your existing outlet cover. Holds bathroom essentials, mobile phones and more. Use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office. Accommodates a succulent or a small cactus to add to the natural beauty of a room at home or at work. Comes empty so you can customize with your own plant. Spray on your dryer balls to add a wonderful long lasting, natural scent to your clothes and linen. Spray a ball and use it as a freshener in a dresser drawer or closet. An organic alternative to liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, place 1, 2 or 3 balls in with wet laundry to help soften your items. Save on energy costs or increase the life of clothes by air drying with a 3-tier system that can be hung over a shower or closet rod. Ideal for delicates that require gentle washing. Keeps contents protected while allowing detergent to pass through. This laundry room helper will have you folding long and short sleeved shirts, pants and even towels in mere minutes. Stand holds recipe book or tablet and conveniently folds down flat when not in use. Can be mounted on the side of a cabinet or under the sink for extra storage. Make accessing coffee makers, blenders, and other small appliances easy. Stackable cups and spoons for quick measuring of solid or liquid ingredients. This set lets you pick from 3 different sizes so you can stir, beat or fold, then pour using the convenient spout. Dual-ended design can be used for spooning, scraping, scooping or spreading. Protect your hands, pans and counters from heat and water damage. This trio helps make it easier to master the art of fresh prep. Set of colour-coded knives with stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles has all your cutting needs covered. Each comes with a protective sheath. Transfer liquids or dry ingredients without spills or splashes, then collapse for easy storage. Get a good grip for serving meats, salads, vegetables and bread, or remove food from hot pots, pans and water. Get every last drop out of your mixing bowls and pots, or use them to stir and scrape batter. 3 different blades with anti-slip ergonomic handles, suitable for right or left handed use. Get the cutting surface you need with 4 colour-coded flexible mats. Easy to curl, roll, clean and store. Keep your stove, table and counters clean with a convenient resting place that keeps your cooking tools within easy reach. Double-sided non-abrasive bristles help scrub and clean pots and pans without scratching. Hanging loop and suction cup for easy storage and quick drying Adjustable holder forms to your sink for a customized sponge-saving solution. Perforated base improves drainage and prevents moisture buildup. These aromatic, concentrated detergents are tough on grease but gentle on your hands. Can be sprayed on any non-porous surface to remove dirt and stains, leaving a fresh, crisp scent. Clean a variety of surfaces using wipes containing a naturally- derived formula of citric acid and pomegranate vinegar. Create delicate milk froth for coffee, lattes, hot chocolate and more. Stand keeps it within reach and makes it easy to store.