Freshly picked for spring. Make your home bloom to life with fresh picks to help you spring into a new season. Spring forward. It’s time to throw open the windows and breathe new life into your home! Whether it’s adding a touch of nature, cutting out the clutter or creating a sense of harmony, you’re going to want to shop early for your pick of our fresh favourites to help personalize and revitalize any space. Make your own green space. Indoor/outdoor tiered metal stand displays 3 potted plants to add elegance and beauty to your living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, balcony or porch. Customize the 3 pots with your own plants and display on a desk or a windowsill. A succulent idea. Contemporary geometric glass design allows easy access to care for your plants, including succulents, herbs, cactus, moss, ferns and more. Did you know? Trendy succulents come in a variety of colours, textures and shapes to brighten any space while being low-maintenance. Take a deep breath. Use with a diffuser to fill your space with the benefits of blended essential oils. Make any room bloom with scent. Scent diffuses through the decorative lid to infuse any small space - bedroom, office, bathroom - with your favourite fragrance or essential oil. Deeper reflection. More than decorative accents, mirrors make spaces feel brighter and larger while highlighting any design scheme, from the bedroom to the living room and beyond. Ray of light. Capture the beauty of celestial light with a string suncatcher adorned with the sun, moon and stars. Create a sense of balance. Heaven scent. Did you know? Lavender is part of the mint family and is one of today’s most popular essential oils due to its versatility and relaxing properties. Relax! it’s a weighted blanket. Help ease stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of calm with a weighted blanket. Did you know? The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket helps promote calm and can be used while sleeping, reading or watching TV. Have an illuminating experience with our floating light. Floating light creates a reflective effect on the water surface of your bath, swimming pool or hot tub. Glow on with a multifunctional lamp. Rechargeable LED lamp is the perfect multifunction accessory for any night table. Cut out the clutter. Get the hang of organizing. Maximize your closet space to the fullest with a wardrobe essential that can be used horizontally or vertically. Can also be used to hang wet clothes to air dry. Great for dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and more. Hide under the bed. Ready-to-use storage lets you discreetly stow items under the bed or in the closet. Clear vinyl-window for visibility of contents without unzipping the bag. Put it in your pocket. 8 hanging pockets keep bags, shoes and clothing organized and easily accessible. 3-piece set. Includes a 6-slot bra organizer, 7-slot underwear organizer and 11-slot sock organizer. Hooked on saving space. Retractable hook helps you maximize small spaces so you can organize shirts, dresses, jackets, belts and scarves. Everything in its place. Put an end to rummaging around for clothing essentials with a trio of slotted organizers. Smart station. Have easy access to all your hair care accessories, including brushes, dryers, straighteners and curling irons. 4 hamper helpers. You’ve organized closets and drawers, now keep them smelling fresh by washing clothes and linens with our Fresh fiji Hygienic Power formulas. Hit the spot. Convenient, less-mess bar pretreats and spot treats to help break down stains and prevent odours. Smell the flowers. Soften and protect clothes while freshening them up with a rosewater and jasmine scent. Power boost. Get white clothes whiter and coloured clothes brighter. In the wash. Remove the dirt you can’t see with a stain-fighting formula to brighten and whiten. Recipe for an organized kitchen. Stay on top of it. Place dishes on the top and bottom racks. Make extra room for dishes or keep your most-used pieces on a table or countertop. Chef’s assistant. Slide over a shelf so you can find the tools you need at a glance while keeping your workspace clear of clutter. Keep rolling. Free up counter- space and keep your paper towel accessible by sliding the hook over a shelf. Top shelf treatment. Hang cups for easy access. Keep tools and essentials within reach. Over the top. Designed to hang over a cabinet door to keep pot holders, towels and tools at your fingertips. In the drawer. With an interlocking design, this set is ideal to use in the kitchen for flatware, utensils, spices or condiments. Or use the trays throughout your home in the bathroom, office or workshop. Hold it right there. Save time by keeping your spoons and measuring cups handy when prepping and baking. Adhesive backing to mount on smooth surfaces. Push it. Hang hand or dish towels by pushing them into the hook. Waste not. Want not. Lock it down. Air-tight containers keep food fresh and dry. Use them for storing flour, sugar, rice, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee or tea. Flip the ring up to open and down to lock and seal. Keep it fresh. Stacking containers feature a drain tray in the bottom to keep moisture away from contents so your fruits, vegetables, meat and fish stay fresh longer. Dishes are done. These aromatic, concentrated detergents are tough on grease but gentle on your hands. Counter companion. A reusable alternative to plastic bottles, this eco-friendly refillable dispenser easily sits beside a kitchen or bathroom sink. fill with liquid hand soap or hand lotion. Holds kitchen or bathroom essentials. Skip a step. No need to measure dishwasher detergent with tablets formulated to clean and prevent water stains. On the surface. Clean a variety of surfaces using wipes containing a naturally-derived formula of citric acid and pomegranate vinegar. Spray away. Fresh and effective formula can be sprayed on any non-porous surface to remove dirt and stains, leaving a fresh, crisp scent. Mini but mighty. Mini scrubber helps clean taps and sinks, pots and pans, fixtures and fittings, tiles and grouting, even boots and shoes. Browse our paw boutique. Bone dry head to tail. Dry your dog (or cat!) after a bath or walk. The gloves are the perfect way to mas- sage your furry friend while drying. Paw graphic lets you know who this set belongs to. Sure to come in handy with the arrival of spring showers. Their at-home spa paw shampoo. Bath time can help keep odours under control by deodorizing and gently cleansing to keep your dog looking and smelling clean. Make a clean sweep of it, wet or dry. A versatile solution for cleaning wet and dry messes from carpets, tiles and hardwood floors without scratching surfaces. The bristles are easy to clean and sanitize. Rubber attracts and removes fur and debris from a variety of surfaces. Stop the fur from flying. 3-step brush features different sides to maximize the removal of fur from clothing, furniture, car interiors and more. Curved handle for an easy and comfortable hold. Are you dog-tired of odours? Freshen fabrics by rapidly neutralizing odours in carpets, pads and sofas while leaving a light and fresh baby powder scent. On the flip side. Ever put dirty dishes in with the clean ones? Place this magnet on your dishwasher to identify the status of the dishes inside with a glance. 2-sided magnet features the words clean on one side and dirty on the other.