Perfect pairings for summer skin. Get your skin summer ready. The arrival of warm, sunny days is your signal that it’s time to transition to a skin care routine designed not only to enhance your natural glow, but to also keep your skin hydrated and protected when you’re out and about. To get your routine on point, we’ve lined up the must-haves of the season that will keep your skin looking dewy and fresh...even as the temperature rises. Brighten up your body from head to toe. Infused with nourishing and antioxidant vitamins C and E, this dry body oil melts into skin to brighten your look while instantly hydrating. Sunflower seed and jojoba oils help keep skin feeling supple. With sun, sweat and SPF, a good cleansing and toning routine becomes even more important in order to address impurities so you can start day with a clean canvas for makeup or finish the day with skin prepped for the absorption of much- needed moisturizers. Removes makeup and impurities with no rinsing required. Removes makeup residue while brightening complexion. With rice bran powder, rice bran oil and hydrated silica to remove impurities so skin feels soft. Removes heavier makeup and features jojoba oil and rice water extract known to help brighten and moisturize. With hyaluronic acid, honeysuckle flower and baobab tree seed extracts to leave skin looking soft, smooth and glowing. Jelly-to-foam formula with amino acids and glycerin-based cleansing agents to remove makeup without stripping moisture. With tea tree extract and Triple Acid Complex to minimize the look of pores and reduce excess oil. As temperatures and humidity rise your skin can feel more oily, making exfoliation a must 2 to 3 times help get rid of sweat, excess sebum, residue and debris that can clog pores. Retexturizing and brightening alpha hydroxy formula powered by lactic acid and shea butter to help skin feel softer and look more radiant. Improves texture and radiance, and minimizes the look of sun spots, fine lines and marks. Vitamin C flakes and seeds buff to help restore dull, tired skin to its natural radiance. Enriched with antioxidant vitamin C and sugar crystals, buffs to smooth lips and preps for moisturizing. Antioxidants like vitamin C are excellent for helping to nourish the skin while fighting against free radical damage caused by sun exposure and other environmental stressors. Be sure to reach for an SPF to help shield skin further. Illuminates, hydrates, blurs imperfections, smooths and enhances the staying power of makeup. Packed with as much vitamin C as in 30 oranges, illuminates dull, tired skin to look energized. Vitamins C and E condition lips to keep them looking young. The air may not be as dry in the summer as it is in the winter, but your skin can still dry out. Even if you have an oilier complexion, your skin still needs to be moisturized to maintain a healthy-looking appearance. Ultra-moisturizing formula helps brighten and lift the look of tired eyes, smooths the look of texture and crepiness, and helps support the skin’s moisture barrier. Serum with Tahitian Black Pearl Extract, known to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture. Oil a blend of precious oils known for their smoothing benefits. Luxury formula helps diminish the look of multiple signs of aging, including: texture, clarity, tone, fine lines and deep wrinkles, volume, resilience and firmness. High-performance moisturizer works while you sleep to help improve the look of texture, clarity, tone, fine wrinkles and crow’s feet. Make creams and lotions with SPF your BFFs to hydrate and help protect skin from harmful rays during the day, and add a night cream or treatment to help replenish skin while you sleep. Helps complete your skin care routine by addressing the neck and chest area for a more youthful, lifted look. The super-ingredient for soft, supple skin. A source of nourishing antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C, aloe is known to help soften and soothe, and is good for a variety of skin types. With soothing aloe, moisturizing panthenol and refreshing herbal extracts, this gel-to-foam formula hydrates as it cleanses. Whether you’re chilling out in the AC, hanging poolside, or a fan of the matte look, lips need hydrating care to help prevent uncomfortable dryness and chapping. With peony extract, castor, moringa and argan oils, apply to eye area, forehead, neck or anywhere you need extra hydration. Get hydrated, silky smooth lips with the ultimate glossy formula infused with paeonol. Provides cooling comfort for face while helping to reduce the look of puffiness and relieve stress. Plush side provides a mild cooling effect. For cooling comfort, store mask in the fridge at least 30 minutes before application.