Make your spring a breeze. Swing into spring with new kitchen tools, organizers and cleaners that make jobs around your home a breeze. To the core. Serve fresh pineapple in rings, use it as a garnish, or add it to drinks. Works like a corkscrew to remove flesh and form rings, retaining juice with minimal waste. Cut it out. Quickly and effortlessly cut cubes straight out of the melon for a snack, or to add to salads and drinks. Make waves. Add visual appeal and texture to your fruits and vegetables. Not only do the ridges make for fancy garnishes, foods with a crinkle-cut have more surface to hold sauces and dips. Push cutter through melon to create cubes. Rock it. Crush and mince garlic or ginger with ease while keeping your hands clean and odour-free. Crush cloves using downward pressure and mince with a rocking motion. Use some zip. Zip corn kernels cleanly and effortlessly off the cob several rows at a time. Can be stored in a drawer or on a hook. Begin at the tapered tip of the cob, then pull down the whole length while working over a bowl or plate. Grate idea. Quickly chop or mince fresh herbs for cooking or making tea without ripping, bruising or blemishing them. Remove the top to load the fresh herbs, then twist to start grating. Great for basil, dill, thyme, cilantro, sage, mint and more. Have a ball. Create meatballs using a pressing motion while keeping your hands clean. The oval cutout imitates the meatball’s shape, providing a molding effect. Press the maker into your prepared ground meat so the meat comes up through the hole, then use a spoon to scoop the ball off the maker. On guard. Enables you to hold fruits, vegetables and meats you want to cut while keeping your fingers guarded. Slide your finger through the metal loop in the back to position the guard over your fingers. Always open. Open most jars with a simple twist. Easily portable for dining outdoors or bringing on picnics. Turn the handle to extend the opener to match the lid size. Hold it. Keep countertops clean and your hands free. Holds 2 lids, 2 spoons, or 1 lid and 1 spoon at a time. 3 jobs, 1 tool. Use it as: splatter screen to keep stovetop clean, trivet for hot dishes, strainer for food. Clip on. Protect your food from air, humidity and freezer burn. Also handy in the workshop or while gardening for bags you need to open and close frequently. Ideal for grains, chips, bread, coffee and more. Multitask. Get organized anywhere in your home - from the fridge, to the pantry, to the bathroom. Organize soda cans in your fridge, canned goods in the pantry, or essentials in the bathroom. Rack it up. Organize up to 4 cans vertically or horizontally in the fridge, pantry, or on the countertop. Convenient handle on side for ease of use Kitchen service. The kitchen is a high-traffic zone of most homes. Give yours the special attention it deserves with accessories, detergents, and cleaners to keep it clean and shining. Garden fresh. Go beyond your garden variety dish soap and try these detergents that are not only gentle on hands and effective at cleaning, but enhanced with fresh scents that are a pleasure to wash up with. Beyond measure. Skip the need to measure dishwasher detergent with tablets that clean and prevent water stains. Here to spray. Multipurpose cleaner for use in the kitchen, bath or anywhere you need a fresh clean. Nature-derived formula contains baking soda and citric acid. Wipe down. These wipes clean a variety of surfaces using a naturally-derived formula made with citric acid and pomegranate vinegar. Tough stuff. Super-strength formula with double-solvent solution blend for hard-to- remove grease. Clean cut. Formulated with citric acid, orange oil and baking soda for grime and stubborn water stains. Dish duty. Dish soap cuts grease, removes old grime and stains. Hang on. Hang unit on the edge of a cupboard door or drawer for easy and neat disposal of crumbs and scraps from the countertop to the compost bin or wastebasket. Steady grip. These brushes help you get a grip while removing stubborn grease stains and burnt food on pots and pans. Helping hand. Attach to a kitchen or bathroom faucet and adjust height. Open design holds sponges, scrubbers and soap to keep them dry and clean. Stay true to your colours. Tired of sorting the laundry? Save time, money and energy by using 1 or 2 sheets in your washing machine to help stop colours from running together during the wash cycle. Laundry list. Go from dirty to done with a variety of formulas to clean, brighten and freshen your fabrics so you can check jobs off quickly without a hamper-size headache. Easy step to making space. Hang lightweight shirts and accessories like socks, scarves and hats to save space. High concentration. Get brighter and whiter clothes with 4X concentrated cleaning power in every drop. Cheat sheets. With 7 enzymes for better stain removal, these sheets work in all washers and are perforated to size down per load. Bright outlook. Whiten whites, brighten colours, and eliminate stains with this peroxide and oxygen based, colour- safe bleach. Air time. Dry your delicates and small articles of clothing with this portable hanging rack that can be used inside or outside on nice days. Folds up for easy storage. Pocket power. 48-hours of peachy rose and freesia scent in a pocket-size fabric freshener. Better together. Pre-treat and remove tough stains with a powerful enzyme formula that’s better than using laundry detergent alone. Ideal for collars, sleeves, socks and more. Smooth the way. Smooth wrinkles, freshen fabrics and prevent static electricity. Like new. Give your clothes and fabrics a fresh look by removing lint, fuzz, hair and fur. Fresh air. Compact in size but big on neutralizing odours, these diffusers can freshen any of your small spaces for up to 70 days. No blind spots. Swipe back and forth within blinds to remove dust and dirt. Swept away. Swiftly sweep away dust, dirt and crumbs from keyboards, dashboards, shelves, microwaves, toasters and more. Magnet enables it to be mounted on the sides of appliances. Small wonder. Got small spaces to scrub that your regular brush can’t reach? Try this brush that’s also ideal for scrubbing tile grout. Clean sweep. Our cleaners and accessories give you more options for handling life’s little, and big, messes. Now and again. fight toilet rings and stains with a foaming cleaner you pour now and flush later. Comes in a 5-pack of convenient pouch dispensers that you use every 2 weeks. Long reach. Brush with long handle gives you a good grip while helping to make cleaning less of a chore. Deep clean. Triple-action formula penetrates the surface to fight tough soap scum, limescale, calcium and grime. Scrub down. Provides a flat scrubbing surface for easy cleaning of tiles, floors and skirtings. Glass act. Keep glass, windows and mirrors sparkling by removing dirt, grime and fingerprints without leaving smudges or residue. Soft touch. Reusable, lint-free, microfibre towels won’t scratch surfaces and can be used wet or dry. Rule the floor. As a general rule, floors in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, dining room and bathroom should be mopped once a week. Be gentle. Protect your pots, pans and dishes by cleaning away leftovers without damaging delicate surfaces.